The day will come when we'll not only accept but also celebrate special needs individuals. We want to celebrate that day with you”

— Jana Viljoen aka Ziya

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Being a VOICE for the speechless

Voice of the Speechless(VOS) is a social awareness project that uses edutainment to raise awareness and to destigmatize non verbal special needs individuals using music and videos.

Ziya aka Jana is a South African music producer, mother of four, three of whom have special needs, and co-founder of Brain Child Fund ( She discovered the perfect project to marry her passion for music with her heart for the special needs community. A team of creatives are working on this pioneering project, doing something that hasn't been done before, namely to record special needs children's sounds and environments, documenting bits of their journey, and capturing their stories in songs and music videos. These songs and videos will give the audience a glimpse into the worlds of nonverbal special needs children from various backgrounds and countries. Ziya invites the followers of this project to collaborate in the creative process by  submitting unique sounds they have recorded and/or pictures/videos they have taken. All the tracks will result in a visual album, a concept where a video accompanies each song on an album. The videos will contain footage taken during trips to different special needs families from different countries as well as the sounds and pictures that followers have submitted. The hoped-for culmination of the project is the creation of a short documentary using the  footage.


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